High-speed tram

Few people know that Hong Kong boasts the fastest tramway in the whole world. That is really surprising, since the legendary ‘Ding Ding’ is such a famous tourist attraction. I had heard rumours about the breathtaking speed of these vehicles which otherwise come across as, umm, rather traditional. And don’t you be fooled by theContinue reading “High-speed tram”

Tree trunks and tower blocks

Today, during my third day in Hong Kong, a thought crossed my mind. It’s something I hadn’t noticed before here, or at least not consciously. I am talking about the omnipresence of visual structures in this city. Of course there is more to HK than structures – there’s monkeys, butterflies, birds, and even poisonous snakesContinue reading “Tree trunks and tower blocks”

First impressions of Hong Kong

Let me be honest with you: I planned my entire trip in April this year, i.e. more than six months ago. Had I known back then what I know now about the political situation in Hong Kong, I would have probably chosen a different destination for my extended stop-over on my way to the SouthContinue reading “First impressions of Hong Kong”