First impressions of Hong Kong

Let me be honest with you: I planned my entire trip in April this year, i.e. more than six months ago. Had I known back then what I know now about the political situation in Hong Kong, I would have probably chosen a different destination for my extended stop-over on my way to the South Pacific. And later, when the situation here had already become rather tense, I would have gladly changed my itinerary. But despite repeated requests through my travel agency, Lufthansa refused to let me change my flights.

That said, I am glad to be here now.

Quite a stunning scenery…

I arrived yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) and made my way to the hostel by public transport. I was immediately very pleased to see that this part of the city (the only one I’ve been to so far, of course) is really nice and welcoming: lots of shops, people on the streets, generally a friendly and rather relaxed atmosphere. I will share some pictures of the area around Sham Shui Po station and of my wonderful YHA hostel later.

This morning a went for a short stroll through the streets in the neighbourhood and climbed a little hill (whose name I cannot tell you). It was all very pleasant and interesting, and I managed to take a few pictures (click on them to enlarge).

Not bad for a start, not bad at all! Not to mention a handful of new bird species I managed to bag during those two morning hours. But more of that later. Right now I am preparing for a short trip to a nearby park in the hope of seeing some more wildlife. I am rather reluctant to go to the central parts of the city, for fear of getting into trouble.

Feel free to post a comment below! Not quite sure how long my intrinsic motivation for running this blog will last… So drop me a word of encouragement, or perhaps even two, and help me keep my ambitions high!

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