The hammock

I need a hammock. That’s basically all there is to say.

I need a hammock. It’s not about me wanting one, no. It’s essential. A MUST, as they say in French (and I hope you’re getting the pronunciation right here).

And don’t get me wrong: I don’t demand palm trees. Or 30 degrees Celsius in December. Nor a view of the turquoise sea in the distance, where the waves are crashing at the coral reef.

All I’m saying is: … Well, I think I’ve made myself sufficiently clear by now.

In case you’re wondering where I took these pictures and (more importantly) where I had this lifechanging insight: the hammock can be found at the Auberge de Jeunesse (youth hostel) in Bourail-Poé. I cannot recommend this place highly enough!

Published by Sebastian

Geographer, naturalist and photographer ( Based in Germany, but always keen to travel and explore

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