Let there be landscape!

Having spent the last ten days or so in New Caledonia, I have managed to travel a bit and to see some corners of the main island, Grande Terre. I guess it’s time to share some classic, old-school landscape shots with you, okay maybe with one or two exceptions.

They aren’t in any particular order, and don’t expect tons of commentaries and explanations. Are you ready?

The sea, of course. (Wait a minute, is this a classic landscape photo?)
Again, the sea. Again, some question marks as to whether this constitutes a landscape. What you can clearly see, though, is the fact that it’s not all palm trees here!
Ah, classic at last.
Sadly, this is a very common sight on Grande Terre. Mostly the result of man-made fires, and aggravated by the immense drought they have been having here in recent months (and even years). And environmental disaster for sure.
Man-made? Yes. Classic? Why not!
Ditto. Downtown Bourail. Am I in the wrong movie?
A typical view in “la brousse”, the central part of the West Coast of Grande Terre. These are mostly cattle pastures, and the trees are amazing.
At Koulnoué Plage near Hienghène.
Also at Koulnoué Plage near Hienghène, East Coast.
Yes, still Koulnoué Plage near Hienghène.
Cascade de Colnett, north of Hienghène.
Cascade de Tao near Hienghène viewed from the coastal road (‘la Corniche Calédonienne’). The eastern part of Grande Terre is soooooo much greener and more beautiful, actually, than the western half.
Looking down on Hienghène and the bay.
La Poule Couveuse. Do you see the chicken?
Once more, the beautiful coast around Hienghène. Definitely worth the trip!
The ‘pointe de vue’ high above Hienghène and Koulnoué. They should really consider to chop down at least some of those trees in the foreground (seriously!). I mean, why build such a magnificent and well-maintained viewpoint, and then let vegetation obstruct and/or block the views? I was rather frustrated there that evening, I can tell you…
Sunset at plage de Poé near Bourail.

Thanks for viewing these pictures, and do stay tuned!

Published by Sebastian

Geographer, naturalist and photographer (www.schroeder-esch.de). Based in Germany, but always keen to travel and explore

2 thoughts on “Let there be landscape!

  1. Hallo Sebastian,
    Deine Fotospaziergänge und Fotoworkshops beschäftigen sich ja hauptsächlich mit Landschaftsfotografie und ich habe mich schon gefragt wann wir in denn Genuss von klassischen Landschaftsaufnahmen kommen. (Wobei ich Dich zu unrecht auf ein Genre reduziert habe….)

    Interessant finde ich bei manchen Bildern die Formatwahl. Hochformat oder quadratisch für Landschaften ist nicht gerade üblich, aber passt wunderbar.

    P.S. Das Huhn habe ich übrigens gefunden! Witzig 🙂


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