Staring at the sea

Being an archipelago, New Caledonia (or Kanaky, if you prefer) is much characterised by the Pacific Ocean in various shapes and forms. One such form is the lagoon of Ouvéa. Those of you with a good memory will recall that I spent several days on this little island last December in search of , among other things, beautiful landscapes and rare parrots. All of which I found, and all of which made me very happy indeed.

And then there was (is!) the lagoon. A rather calm and shallow body of water, encircled almost entirely by coral reefs and islands (i.e. former coral reefs). The colour of the water is a soft turquoise, the temperature is very mild. What more could one possibly ask for?

So one evening I walked across the road from my little campground “Chez Dydyce” to the “plage de Fayaoué” in order to capture the peaceful atmosphere on the beach. This time, my intention was not only to take photos but also to shoot a little video. I have little experience with filming, to be honest, but one has got to start from somewhere! And I imagined it would be nice to have some moving images and sounds to take home, something to remind me of the unique atmosphere then and there.

Here is the result of my endeavour. And those of you who will be patient enough to bear with me until the end, well, you’re in for a little surprise.

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