Sydney 1 – Auckland 0

The good news first: Auckland has construction workers, yay! The biggest deficit I experienced in New Caledonia during those five weeks of my stay there was the almost complete absence of women and men in security gear operating heavy machinery in the streets. Or controlling the traffic. And you know how I have a soft spot for these guys.

True, there were occasionally some people in the streets of Nouméa and elsewhere doing some kind of construction work. But they were few and far between, and so non-descript that it was as if they didn’t exist at all. So you can probably imagine my huge relief when I laid eyes on the first orange-clad folks here. Even though it’s Christmas time AND summer holidays here.

And yet…

… they seem to be lacking in something important. I can’t really describe what it is.

I mean, they’ve got all the ingredients: the barriers, the clothes and other gear, the machinery. Yet somehow they are not half as cool as their Australian counterparts. Their clothes are a bit shabby and worn, they seem to be standing around more than actually doing something. The special aura is missing, if you know what I mean.

Also, their machinery is significantly smaller and way less impressive than the Aussie heavy-duty stuff.

Rather cute, don’t you think?

Anyways, I guess I shouldn’t complain. Auckland has been good to me so far, and a handful of scruffy construction workers is still miles better than none at all!

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