A change of scenery

After a week in the hills of Sarraméa and Farino, I felt like going to the seaside. So I packed my bags and drove northward along the west coast of Grande Terre. I am at Poé plage now, which belongs to the little town of Bourail. It is still part of the Southern Province of New Caledonia.

Can you spot my tent in the photo? It would be a bit more difficult now to see me, because in the meantime a number of other campers have arrived and put up their tents.

The most important thing in this picture, however, (and about this place in general) is the sea anyway!

So I am spending the weekend at “Le rêve de Némo” (Nemo’s dream), the meaning of which somehow escapes me. It is a nice place in a nice location, but perhaps not in a super-duper breathtaking way. Relaxed, yes, which is good, but maybe not something you’d travel around the world for. And I want super-duper, I demand nothing short of perfection!

So I guess I’ll move on today and drive across Grande Terre over to the northeastern side. I’ve been recommended the little town of Hienghène and its surroundings, so that is where I’ll go today.

By the way, I not only took photos with my phone here (such as the ones in this post), but also with a decent camera. I’m hoping to share them later today or maybe tomorrow.

And then I also want to relate the most incredible event I attended in Bourail yesterday. But let’s keep that a secret just a little longer, shall we…?

Published by Sebastian

Geographer, naturalist and photographer (www.schroeder-esch.de). Based in Germany, but always keen to travel and explore

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