Hong Kong at dusk, part II

It feels weird (and probably is) to write about the beauty of Hong Kong, while the present of that wonderful city is overshadowed by violent conflicts, and its future not looking very bright either… But not to praise its attractions and to refrain from sharing with you the wonderful experiences I had during the short time of my visit, would that be any better? I really don’t think it would. So let’s continue the praise!

As you already know, I met with my friend Alice on Saturday (as it turned out, the only quiet day of that week). We walked around Victoria Harbour and along the promenade on the northern side (Kowloon), and took the lovely old Star Ferry to cross from one side to the other. I felt very happy and privileged to be there! The scenery was fantastic and the views of the cityscape absolutely breathtaking. And the timing was perfect, too!

What I have written earlier about the particular light conditions before and especially after sunset also applied here. I was there to see (and capture) the beautiful sunset over Hong Kong Island, and then to witness how evening fell over the fantastic skylines on both sides of the water.

It would have been even better, though, had I taken my tripod with me. For some absurd reason I had decided that day to leave it in the hostel… Well, luckily there were solid walls and fences almost everywhere along the promenades, so I was able to lay down my camera there for the long exposures.

This was all on Saturday evening. My original plan after this first visit was to come back one more time on Sunday, my very last day. This time I would have brought my tripod, of course. But then, already during the early afternoon, I read the news on various websites about violent clashes between protesters and the police on and around the Polytechnic University campus, which lay directly between me (and the airport) and Victoria Harbour… I decided not to take any risks. But I am much hoping to be back some day, if only to have that stupid tripod with me!

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Geographer, naturalist and photographer (www.schroeder-esch.de). Based in Germany, but always keen to travel and explore

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